Some children play Superheroes. Other children are.
You can help us funding research in children's cancer.

When you support the Danish Child Cancer Foundation, you are giving hope, care and better prospects to children suffering from cancer. Today, four out of five children survive cancer due to targeted research, but cancer is still the most frequent medical cause of death of children older than 1 year. Moreover, half of the surviving children have permanent injuries from the disease or the intensive treatment, which will grant them a life with fewer possibilities than other kids.

You can help us fund research in childhood cancer so that Danish children suffering from cancer will get the best possible treatment, and thus more children will survive and fewer will experience long-term late complications. Research is the best hope we can give families with children ill with cancer.

Start your fundraising campaign today and engage your friends and family by sharing the campaign on your social platforms. For every 100 DKR you raise, we spend more than 95 DKR on helping children ill with cancer.

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7,109,780 kr.

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