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Børnecancerfondens generelle arbejde
Clarksons Denmark are taking part in the Global Play Offs to raise money for Børnecancerfonden.

They give hope to children with cancer and their families. As long as there are children who die from cancer or have a difficult life after treatment, support for the families, research and education is needed.

Each global clarksons office will be competing against each other to see who can cover the most kilometres over the next two weeks. This is based on miles completed not a competition on who can do it the fastest!

2,000 kr.

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  • Emilie Sølling Børnecancerfonden
    Kære Clarksons Denmark.
    Tak for at samle ind til Børnecancerfonden Vores håb er, at vi en dag kommer så langt med forskningen, at vi kan indfri vores vision om, at ingen børn skal dø af kræft.

    Tak for at være en del af styrken for børn med kræft.

    Emilie / Børnecancerfonden
  • Charles Nordsted Charles Nordsted Donated 500 kr.

  • Charles Nordsted Charles Nordsted Donated 500 kr.

  • Nicolai Kofoed Nicolai Kofoed Donated 1,000 kr.

    For a good cause !!